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I aim to resolve the core of the problem you are experiencing in order to provide lasting relief.

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Anxiety, Depression, and Mood Disorders

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Addiction and Substance Use Disorders

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Personality Disorders

Eating Disorders


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Relationship Difficulties

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Medically Unexplained Symptoms

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Trauma, PTSD, and CPTSD

What To Expect

By working with a therapist, you will come to know yourself more deeply and understand why you think and feel the way you do. From here, change become an available option.

Below is an outline of how therapy is structured. To read more about what to expect, visit this post on our blog.


A complimentary 15-minute consultation provides the opportunity to meet your therapist and address any questions or concerns you may have before starting treatment.


Prior to your initial session you will be sent several forms to review and complete around policies and procedures. This includes details about confidentiality, informed consent, and questionnaires to assess the symptoms you are experiencing. An initial session is 105-minutes long and includes a brief review of documentation, relevant history, and trial of the therapeutic technique. At the end of our initial session, there is clarity on what is causing and maintaining symptoms and a therapeutic plan on how to best move forward.


Each subsequent treatment session is delivered weekly and is 50-minutes in length. We maintain a clear focus on the goals of therapy, the tasks required, and any potential barriers that are getting in the way. We continue to monitor symptoms through monthly assessments to ensure we're making progress. As you begin to feel a greater state of wellbeing, sessions can move to every other week and/or 30-minutes in length. 


Endings are always bittersweet. As we move towards the end of treatment, we work through any reactions that this brings up and plan for your continued success moving forward. You are always welcome to return to work on other goals, as they arise.

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