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When Meditation Isn't Enough

Meditation seeks to bring awareness to one's thoughts and feelings by paying attention to, and fully accepting, the present moment. Practicing this mindfulness exercise has been shown to reduce stress and increase well-being. But at times, the calming effects are short lasting, if obtained at all.

Some individuals are able to tap into a place of inner calm during their meditation practice. However, this peaceful state diminishes once they leave their meditation cushion. Engaged with life once again, attention is pulled elsewhere and we are faced with issues that cause stress and anxiety. In addition, forces that are outside of our conscious awareness can cause difficult emotional states to arise no matter how much we try to take a state of calm, inner peace into our daily lives.

For others, attempts at meditation can result in frustration and increased levels of stress. Aspects of our inner selves that have been avoided can start to rise up and cause anxiety. Painful emotions, critical thoughts, regrets, and our to-do lists can get in the way of reaching a state of calm. Such experiences can turn us away from attempting mindfulness practices altogether.

Facing our previously avoided inner-self can be difficult, if not impossible, for us to do alone. The good news is that therapy - specifically techniques that focus on unconscious processes - can help us reconnect with our inner lives. Once these underlying aspects are resolved, we can more easily experience inner peace on and off our meditation mat. A state of increased mindfulness arises as we meet each moment of the day with a greater connection to the entirety of who we are. In this way, meditation no longer becomes a means of escaping a stressful life, but a place we can tap into at any point of the day as we connect more deeply with ourselves.

If you experience difficulty meditating or practicing mindfulness, feel free to reach out for a free consultation to determine if therapy can help.


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